Thursday, May 2, 2019

Supply Chanin Management Processes

Croxton, K. L., Garcia-Dastugue, S. J., Lambert, D. M., & Rogers, D. S. (2001). The supply chain management processes. The International Journal of Logistics Management.
According to the authors, companies have already developed and implemented processes internally, and now it’s time to integrate them externally with other businesses. Coordination between management and employees ensures,commands are implemented and feedback received. The informationmust be gathered, in order to make critical decisions that would help a business avoid the turbulent environment. It may be collected from competitors, employees, and customers. Planning on what to do with the gathered information, is solely the work of top management. The authors note that,businesses that are ready to change according to the prevailing conditions; will always stay ahead of their competition. Businesses should stay in control of the environment, and it is the duty of the management, to decide on how they will achieve that objective. They conclude that,businesses should come up with better ideas on how to implement the proposals. Getting it right would increase control of the business environment.

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