Friday, June 7, 2019

Change and Six Sigma

Talking about change and that it can happen in everyday life and in a business.  Human nature to be resistant to change, and often if not handled correctly, change can be destructive to the business culture. Being resistant can cause problem at anytime. When we look into it, how can we prevent  this from happening. Taking a look at the culture and how they us it and how they are bale to handle everyday things in the right manner. Having a positive mind or staff that can come up with ways to make the situation better. We have to remember that change can be a good thing. When having change in a business can make it a plus. Show different ways of thinking or doing to make it easier. This can even work on a family or household of any kind. Can be just a small change can a big different. If you do a big change at once could be to much.  We should look at the business part of change. Manager needs to see if change is a new thing to do. Maybe talk with the leader that is on the shift to show what kind of change is needed. But, being on the same page means that they can work together to make it work.

Talking about the 6 sigma. Does take a lot to understand and know what it really does. With you talking about (Six Sigma is a program designed to help develop and deliver a product or service with nearly zero imperfections.). Does make sense and makes me understand even more. Knowing that it is designed to help you in ways to make thing easier. Services can be a plus, But, can hurt you at the same time. Talking about tangible that can help so much an make a business grow. Taking control of any situation with  6 sigma. Six sigma is helpful in identifying issues that may be holding companies back, whether it is in is efficiency, costs, or quality processes, once identified ways in which to improve those deficiencies are developed, and implemented allowing companies to increase and improve their efficiency, and lowering overall costs. When I was reading this by you and what you are saying means that company's have to pay close attention. Understand that paying close attention is a plus. Shows use that increase in sales or production is a great things.

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