Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Planning, Modeling, Managing and Measuring

According to Chan (2007), Planning, Model, Managing and Measuring are the main four steps that would enable companies to allocate their business and information technology alignment techniques under following strategies: 

Firstly, Planning step that translate business objectives into measurable IT services, so resources are effectively allocated to maximize turnover and ROI – This step requires ongoing communication between business and IT leaders (Chan, 2007).  

Secondly, the Model step. Actually, IT designs infrastructure aims to increase business value and optimize operations – IT must understand business needs and ensure that they are implementing systems critical to business services (Chan, 2007).  

Third, the Managing step. Service is delivered based on company objectives and expectations – IT must act as a single point-of-service request, and prioritize those requests based on pre-defined priorities (Chan, 2007). 

Forth, the Measuring step; Improvement of cross-organization visibility and service level commitments – While metrics are essential, it is crucial that IT ensures a business context to what they are measuring and keeps a clear relationship between the measured parameter and business goals (Chan, 2007). 


Chan, Y. (2007). Information Technology Alignment, Journal of IT, 28(3), 397-399

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