Thursday, June 6, 2019

Reflection on Consumer Buying Behavior Course

 In order for one to truly understand a target market they must know what defines each target consumer.  I never really thought about or placed much emphasis on consumer behavior or the research that is conducted through in-depth interviews, focus groups, mail, telephone, or online surveys.  I always thought companies were trying to be intrusive of a consumer’s lifestyles.  After taking this class I now realize that they are constantly trying to receive feedback from their consumers to try and improve the products and customers experience with their products and services to ensure they are pleasurable ones.            
            Through market segmentation and strategic targeting companies can provide consumers with products or services that can better suite their constantly changing needs and preferences by introducing differentiated products that fit their particular needs (Kanuk& Shiffman, 2013). 
            Consumers motivations is what drives a consumer, it is produced by a state of frustration that arises when a need is unfulfilled.  We all have needs some are innate such as food, shelter, water, air, clothing, and sex because they are needs to sustain biological life they are considered a primary need (Kanuk &Shiffman, 2013).  Acquired needs are such things as self-esteem, prestige, affection, power, and learning, these are considered to be secondary needs or motives (Kanuk & Shiffman, 2013). 
            I feel that taking this class has given me the knowledge and know how to understand what makes us decide on particular products and the driving forces behind our decisions.  This will help me better prepare for the real word by allowing me to know when something is trying to manipulate our behavior.  When I think about what I want and need it takes on a whole new impression. Deciding if I really want something just because it has been marketed to me or if I really need the product or services.  I feel that I am not easily manipulated anymore, and I am better able to identify when marketing is being pushed upon me.  I will do the necessary search prior to making my purchase to avoid cognitive dissonance after my purchases.
            This concept has helped prepare me by taking a more in-depth look at how our information is used to create personalized marketing.  I never thought about my purchases before this class, now I stop and think about the decisions I make because I am better educated and more aware.

Kanuk, L.S.A. L. (2013). Consumer Behavior, 10th Edition.  Retrieved from

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