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Thursday, December 5, 2019

My FLIGBY results

3 leadership skills needing improvement.  Outline plan of action to address use goals, timeline, and metrics.
1.  Making decisions.   The simulation stated that I wait for information before making a decision and this could be a problem in some situations. My goal is to ensure that I make prompt decisions when necessary without analysis until paralysis.  I would like to see significant improvement within 90 days.  I would track decisions made throughout each day indicating which ones I decided right away and those that I stated need more information. At the end of 90 days I should see an improvement of those decisions I answered right away by deferring fewer decisions towards the end of the 90 days.
2.  Addressing conflict.  The simulation stated that I do not necessarily address conflict head on, but tend to deflect to overcome the intense moments.  This is true I tend to try to get the parties to neutral ground and move on addressing the conflict later with the individuals.  I am not sure that this is a weak leadership skill, but I can see where there would be times to address the conflict as it occurs in a professional manner.  My goal is to find a better way of handling conflict as it is occurring within the next 90 days.  I will spend 14 days watching the conflicts, noting them, and my reactions. Then I will analyze to see when I deflected and why; as well as the results my approach had, if any.  The rest of the time I will engage more during the time of the conflict when appropriate and then deflect in other situations.  I will monitor how employees respond.  I will have improved in addressing conflict if I engage more with a positive impact on employees and the situation than if I deflected.
3.  Work on power I give to assertive personalities.  The simulation stated I gave those with assertive personalities because I give them thier way or allow them to barge in anytime they like.  This is an area that I would argue that I have become successful at with my years as a JAG and sometimes you have to let the assertive personalities feel they have some power or that they are being heard.  I understand for purposes of the simulation and majority of situations the leader has to maintain the power.  My goal would be to be more in control and not allow people to barge into office or demand time in order to get their way.  I will spend two weeks not changing any behaviors noting the number of times I gave the assertive personality the power or that I agreed with them on a proposal they presented.  I will note why I allowed or made the decision. This will be the baseline for my metrics to see if improved.  I will spend the remainder of 90 days not allowing the assertive people to barge in or demand time.  I will also ask for additional information or discussion on proposals. I will then look at the number of conflicts, the number of times I prevented control or decided against proposal and the number of times I allowed assertive behaviors or decided for their proposal.  If there is an increase in the number of time prevented by at least 50% then I have reached my goal to prevent giving too much power and control to others.
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