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Motorola is a reputed smartphone brand

Companies who most successfully utilize the project management "way-of-working" have a combined focus on identifying their products' lifecycle (the most optimum procedures to take product or services to market), developing their knowledge/competency (how to best implement these procedures) and have the support of the organization towards a project management "way-of-working". Superior performance is reflected by companies who actively demonstrate the effect of this focus through "the behaviors" of the entire workforce that can be measured.
There is an unmistakable trend in the move of the world's best companies towards adopting project management as a "way of working" rather than simply a methodology or toolset. Project management is also a key enabler with which companies adopting business improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma or lean manufacturing improve their efficiency and competitiveness. In fact, a robust project management core competency is a necessary condition for a company to maximize the effect of these methodologies.
Rapid Application Development increases quality through the involvement of the user in the analysis and design stages. Some systems also deliver advantages of interoperability, extensibility, and portability.
Motorola is a reputed smartphone brand which is now under Lenovo. Motorola is one of the very few companies that offer near stock Android experience and are always ahead in software updates. They have many smartphones in different price segments. 
Anthony, E. (2007). Development of project management systems. Industrial and Commercial Training, 39(2), 85-90.

IT strategies enhance the value of the firm

IT strategies enhance the value of the firm and the efficiency of its processes. I have encountered a number of real-time examples where the companies have gained a competitive edge over others by aligning their IT strategies with business objectives. For example, McDonalds’ business objectives are to increase its market share, attract more customers, and increase sales. It has aligned its IT strategy with the business objectives by introducing Gamification strategy. As per this strategy, McDonald's installed interactive digital billboards on the busy squares. The customers could participate in the game displayed on the billboard by getting connected through the Bluetooth devices of their smartphones. McDonald's experienced a 30% increase in the profits. It’s market share expanded by 40% (Boykiv, 2015).
Boykiv, Y. (2015, November 23). How Gamification Can Drive Customer Loyalty and Sales. Retrieved March 29, 2019, from Inc:
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