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Departmental Policies

The area that I want to focus on would be the marketing department. The marketing department serves as a great purpose for a business. It’s extremely important that we not only have great marketing strategies as far as how we will market our product, but also that we take into deep consideration which area we are wanting to target. We have to make sure that we are offering a product that meets their economic needs.
There are many different steps that are necessary for developing policies and procedures which are as the following: establish a need for a policy, develop the policy content, draft the policy, write the procedure, review the policy by key parties, approve the policy, implement the policy, policy review and update and communication of changes to the policy. (Counsil, 2018)
There are many different areas where policies can be put in place but five that I would like to focus on more in depth. The first one I would like to discuss is the attendance policy. The company needs to set an attendance policy that is achievable by each individual and make sure that its enforced at all times. There are moments when an employee may have a sick child, family emergency or something else where its impossible to come to work. If that’s the case, we must make sure that they have the proper documents or doctor notes to account for that absence. When an employee misses work it gets everyone else behind in their task that they need to accomplish which will cause problems down the line for the whole company. We must make sure that we have a policy set up that the employees understand and make sure that they know its highly crucial they follow this attendance policy.
Overtime is another policy that we would like to discuss as far as a policy set in place. Overtime isn’t something that we will want to continuously offer but in certain cases if we are on a time limit to complete a job or finish a product then we want our employees on board with working additional hours if needed.
I would also like to discuss privacy, with any company this is very important. Privacy of our employees and customers is a huge topic. We need to make sure that we do what is necessary to keep our employees and customers information completely confidential. We can’t allow people to come in to work and drop the ball exposing other peoples’ personal information. It’s extremely important that we focus on their privacy always.
The next topic I would like to focus on will be the accident reporting. I would like to enforce a policy that protects the employees and employers’ rights. There is always a chance of an accident on the job, with we must make sure that we come up with a plan of how we will react in that situation. If there is an accident that takes place, we must make sure that its reported immediately. If it’s a situation where the employee is injured, we must make sure to file proper workman’s comp sheets as well as report the status of the employee before and after the incident. If the employee doesn’t disclose this information when the incident occurs, then we can’t go back days later and handle the situation appropriately.
Finally, I would like to discuss the topic of alcohol and drug use. This is a zero-tolerance company which means that no alcohol or drug usage is acceptable while on the job. Alcohol or drug use on the job could lead to many dangerous situations for the employee/employer, so we must make sure that we have a policy in place and that the employees know that we do not allow any usage while on the job. We will conduct random drug and alcohol screenings when we feel it is necessary and upon failing one of these tests the employee will be terminated. There are no second chances within our policy and procedures manual for alcohol and drug use, because the danger of accidents or doing the job wrong is too high.
         In closing I would like to focus on the fact that policies and procedures are necessary within any organization no matter what it is. If a company doesn’t have policies and procedures set up, then it leads to a lot of blank space for mistakes to be made and incidents to take place. Too often companies don’t focus on policies to the extent they should which will lead to a disaster for the company when an incident takes place. Having a manual set up from the get-go will show the employees what is expected of them and what must be done. There are so many different policies that can be set up within a company and all depends on what the company is looking for and trying to achieve within their company.
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