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Sunday, May 6, 2018

A taste of California Wine

 A taste of California Wine

When wine drinkers are seeking good quality wine, they look for reasonable pricing in these cash-strapped times. Wine pricing formulas require a few intangible factors. When serving wine in your establishment a lot of factors need to be considered, the kind of operation will you being running, the type of customers do you want to attract and how important is wine to you. The wine I chose for my list range from the region of Italy and they are California base wines. I personally enjoy California wine because of the quality of the grapes and the price is quite tasteful. 

            The purchase price of the bottle is what should be charged for a glass of that wine.  If the bottle price is more than what you want to charge your guests for one glass of wine, there is wiggle room, just get the price as close to the bottle price as possible. Multiply the glass price by 4, minus $1. ( Bottle price x 4 – 1=per glass) the price you end up with is what you will charge your customers for one bottle.

Fetzer-Mendocino, CA Pinot Grigio
Glass $6.75  Bottle $21
Angeline- Santa Rosa, CA Sauv Blanc
Glass $7.50 Bottle $24
Trinity Oaks- Helena, CA Chardonnay
Glass $6.25 Bottle $20
Sterling Vintner’s-Napa, CA Chardonnay
Glass $7.50 Bottle $24
 Snoqualmie- Columbia Valley, WA Riesling
Glass $7.50 Bottle $23

Why is Public Relations Important?

Why is Public Relations Important?

PR or public relations is nothing but the practice of protecting as well as enhancing the reputation of any particular organization/firm or for that matter any individual. In today’s world of fierce competition, where every organization strives hard to work toward its brand image, public relations have become the need of the hour. It is essential for every organization to communicate well with its public/target audience. The correct flow of information is essential. Here comes the importance of public relations.

Public Relations can come in various forms and provide a specific task or general information.  Public relations examples can be as general as new ad campaigns, public announcements and to persuade the general public to vote for a candidate running for public office. Public Relations can be as simple as a department office in a company that deals with public image.  Usually when bad things happen, we tend to think of it as a public relations nightmare.

Public opinion IS the heart of what public relations is about.  The whole point of relating to the public is to maintain a positive opinion by the public.  Public opinion can vary and you will always get a wide range of opinion, it is the public relation department responsibility to find out what the public opinion is and to help sway that opinion depending on what the desired outcome is.

Publicity is powerful because for a brief moment, you have a captivated audience.  Restaurants are successful for a number of reasons, one of those reasons is because humans have to eat to survive, in essence you have a captivated audience.  When a customer walks in a restaurant, they are going to eat, just how much is when a professional server comes into play, but you are pretty much guaranteed a sale.  It is in our human nature to be social creatures, if a product is in the public eye, people are discussing it and it captivates our minds and helps make decisions.

It is considered unethical to expect to get something in return for a charitable contribution.  If ones actions are not pure, then the entire transactions is nothing more than a public relations ploy, a tactic that is playing on the minds of their customers, trying to get them to spend money in an effort that thinking their purchases is doing good in the world.

Factors that influence consumer buying behavior

Factors that influence consumer buying behavior

Based on the information you gathered and alternatives available on the company website you explored, which vehicle offering seems to be the most relevant to your needs? Explain why?
Based on the survey results which categorized me as a thinker and innovator, I would say that the Brand I would pick would be Cadillac.  This car represent class, emotional stability, a critical thinker, one that pays attention to detail and the style is very innovative.  Cadillac has always been mentioned as one of the more stylish cars with a brand that speaks of quality and is targeted towards the more affluent and successful business person.  It talks about dependability and relies on repeat customers rather than looking for the new buyer all the time.
Using the results of the VALS® survey, describe the accuracy of results and relate them to your vehicle choice.
With the results of the survey I would say that the choice fits me perfectly.  I am a self driven person with a personality of an entrepreneur.  I like to take calculated chances and I develop well thought out plans of execution.  I look for class whether in it is my home, my dress, or the way I carry and present myself.  I am a thinker and I never make snap decisions, or off the cuff remarks.  So my personality fits the brand and the brand represents my outlook on my life.
Select three of the forces discussed in Chapter 6 (Exhibit 6.3) that affect consumer behavior and explain why they would impact on your decision to buy the vehicle most relevant to your needs.
I would say that the category Cultural Factors would definitely be one area that would influence my buying habits. One of the things I have mentioned about this particular brand is that they target their marketing to a certain sector of the population.  It would definitely fit under the heading of social class.  Not only is the Cadillac known for class but it speaks to a certain social class. It speaks to the well informed, and the successful entrepreneur. Also it speaks to the desired culture and values of a person, in as much as the Cadillac is known to carry its value in resale.  But it speaks also to the values you carry as a person.  This is not a hot rod that a younger person would be drawn to.  It is for a family man that is more reserved and usually has children. 
There are also social factors that come into play also such as statue.  There are psychological factors that are involved in this process also.  I think you might call this keeping up with the Joneses.  The individual factor is that, “People’s value systems have a great effect on their consumer behavior. Consumers with similar value systems tend to react alike to prices and other marketing-related inducements.” (Lamb, 2012) So this purchase is often made with those factors at play.  That may be a bad way to make a decision, but they are made with those thoughts in mind every day. 
There are also individual factors too.  This brand as I have said before would not be for generation Y or X.  It would target the Baby Boomer generation.  They would target age as a criterion for their marketing strategy.  There is also a certain lifestyle associated to the brand. It speaks to the desired lifestyle which is how they would direct their marketing strategy.
Lamb. (2012). Mktg 5. Mason Ohio: South-Western Cengage
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