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Friday, April 29, 2016

Business Resources

Business Resources

This book describes a connection culture that helps people and organizations thrive verses “cultures of control” and “cultures of indifference” that drain the life out of people and sabotage organizational performance.  Connection Culture includes inspiring stories of great leaders who created connection cultures, scientific evidence that people and organizations need connection cultures to thrive, and descriptions of ways to connect that include attitudes, uses of language and behaviors.  Written for busy leaders with little time to waste, Connection Culture is concise, inspiring, and practical.

Indisputable evidence has revealed the greatest threat to America's economy. Is it off-shoring labor? Unethical corporate practices? A turbulent market that forces downsizing? No. A Gallup Organization survey of more than one million Americans show that nearly 75 percent of all workers are disengaged. Employee disengagement is a widespread malady in American organizations, causing the loss of billions of dollars, hours of dissatisfaction, and work lives lacking true value. In his book, Fired Up or Burned Out, Michael Stallard shares the three key actions necessary to transform even a lethargic, disconnected organization or office into an impassioned, innovative, and thriving workplace.

17 Team Building Ideas provides teamwork examples, exercises and tips for leading winning teams. Specifically, you’ll read tips on corporate team building, team building exercises that can help your team see the big picture, fun team building games (like Taking the Marshmallow Challenge), teamwork examples (such as Mayo Clinic’s team collaboration secrets), steps to creative team building and change management training for your team.
Download 17 Team Building Ideas to take your leadership skills to the next level. Go from being a manager who oversees people to a leader who molds them into winning teams. Click here:

Top-performing consumer goods companies are dropping legacy processes and embracing technology that better connects them with:
  • Distributors & Retailers: Improving collaboration with the manufacturer, as well as providing cleaner POS data transfer.
  • Employees: Connecting to all possible information available about a retailer, their products, and inventory.
  • Consumers: Leveraging social media and communities to build and grow relationships with their customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have always done a good job of managing the internal business processes of an organization. But in today's global trading networks, business processes—and their associated risks—extend far beyond the traditional four walls of the enterprise, calling on the coordination and cooperation of hundreds, or even thousands, of organizations around the globe.
In this white paper, we explore the widespread changes that have produced a fundamentally different marketplace and business model—and the emergence of a new type of solution, one that leverages existing investments already made in ERP systems to enable unprecedented levels of supply chain visibility and collaboration.

Does your company need to bring its hiring into the 21st century? Within this infographic, you will gain valuable information on how to update your hiring process to meet today's technology.

Download this infographic to learn how to bring your companies hiring into the 21st century. Click here:

Financing a Burrito Bar

Financing a Burrito Bar

Financing Option

The option to utilize the capital from the uncle of $25,000 with a lower interest than the bank is a good deal however, I choose the$50,000 line of credit from the bank which, in conjunction with the personal capital of $30,000 for business will give me the financial stability for a start-up business which was the best option for the business.
With a line of credit as the owner I’m still in control of the financial aspect of the business and able to acquire without collateral, the flexibility of a line of credit gives me access to funds when needed without the being charged interest for what I don’t use. With the line of credit, I’m able to build a business credit rating, and take advantage of the length of time the loan can be opened.
The financial analysis section of my feasibility study requires pertinent information which intel’s the “Operating Costs:  These are the ongoing costs, such as rent, utilities, and wages that are incurred in the everyday operation of a business.” According to ( University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives), overhead cost: loan payment of $50,000Labor cost
o   Building cost: $500.00
o   Insurance: $75.00
o   Other fixed cost $150.00
·      Product cost
o   Food cost $1.50 / 30%
·      Processing and selling cost
o   Utilities
o   Supplies
·      Sales revenue
o   Sales price per burrito $5
o   Sales revenue estimated: $117,000
·      Total cost, revenue and profit:
o   Total overhead cost:  $725.00
·      Overall Feasibility Evaluation 
o   Summary and Conclusions 
o   Recommendations
This analysis considers the according to (Theuri), “rate of return, inflation, sources of capital, payback periods, breakeven point, residual values, and sensitivity.” is a brief informative part of the financial forecasting of the business plan provides a way of comparing over a time period the costs and revenue.
The consideration of accepting my uncle’s loan versus other available sources of financing has it benefits but, this kind of business adventure has its disadvantages. The lack of clarity can come into play when money comes from family. The assumption that lending money gives stake into the company, family into personal business, and family dispute.
In closing, the financing option that I choose was the line of credit and based on the reasons listed above it leaves me with more control of certain aspect of my life, I enjoy my family and the none interference of financial disputes, and also, the line of credit provides me with the flexibility that is needed to borrow funds as needed, in addition, to the length of time that’s it is available to utilize at my disposal.


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Financial Analysis: Finding Financial Sources

Financial Analysis: Financial Sources

The source of funding for a startup business can be accompanied by a multiplicity of complications. Sources can include personal capital, which is what most entrepreneurs favor. Personal capital investments can reduce potential risks for investors and banks, however it can also create a heavy burden on a sole proprietor should the business experience any financial difficulties. Accepting a loan from a family member in this scenario, offers a lower interest rate than the bank as well as low monthly payments. On the contrary, borrowing from a family member often lacks the proper contractual terms resulting in tension due to misunderstandings and/or assumptions. "Any time you take money into a business, the law is very explicit: You must have all agreements written down and documented… emotional and legal difficulties could result that end up in court” (, 2016). Accepting the loan from the bank offers with an increased amount of money and would be convenient, because banks have established contracts for loans that include terms of the agreement, providing their contractual obligations as well as other legalities.

         The additional capital for the burrito shop will be sourced from the bank’s line of credit. Although the interest rate may be higher, due to a larger sum being borrowed, a piece of mind is priceless. Borrowing any amount of money from a family member often leads to dissolution of that relationship. Although borrowing from an uncle, allows for negotiations of potentially lowering monthly payments, a bank can offer that same feature as long as the loan is in good standing over a period of time. Also, by borrowing from the bank credit is established for that business. Most banks are federally funded therefor transactions such as loans can be reported to the credit bureau. With that, an entrepreneur should only borrow funds with a concrete repayment plan. According to (2015) “… bank loans are generally sanctioned against some collateral, often the entrepreneur’s house and property. This stands the risk of being lost to the bank should the business fail to take off.” Yet, as long as the loan is not defaulted on, good credit can be established. Making the loan process easier for additional future loans, if needed. Maintaining strong family & friend bonds because no monetary issues exist.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hospitality Career Planning

Hospitality Career Planning

Reflections of a Hospitality newbie...

Knowing where you would like to be, where you are heading, and who you will be is only
defined by you. With the course of time and age, opinions, jobs, atmosphere and people change. It's not easy to stay the same as you were, the same as learning how to do something right after doing it wrong for so long. I would like to work in the full-service restaurant segment, in hopes, to one day own a fine dining establishment in a near future. There are four segments to the
hospitality industry, food & beverage, lodging, recreation, & travel and tourism. The food service is our largest division of the industry in the U.S. Commercial food service, quick-service
restaurants, & full service restaurants divide the rest. Each of which have sub categories with
anywhere from one form of service to five branches of service. I have and still do work in all
areas of the industry. Fast food is an area that is more suitable for good basic knowledge,
learning how to manage time and basic portions, & communication and people skills. I have
surpassed that area, applying more attention to the back of house. I do find that the front of the house is full of vigor, and holds a welcoming atmosphere where as boh is full of movement and yelling. But it is the chaos that I like I believe, the need to continuously up the tempo, and be
orderly still.

In today's society the path you choose or are able to take depends on you. In most cases a student does not have all the opportunities at hand to get ahead, there are processes that allow
such. In my case I have a G.E.D. I am still contemplating going back to school to take test like ACT, SAT, or get a high school diploma. In any case I can still get ahead and get into an
extraordinary school as such. I can still pursue other areas, during high school you should be
entry level, that is an hourly paid job. In this time frame after being done with high school you should be in the process of your college associates degree or courses and still have part time
employment. Starting from the bottom, is the way things are when you have credentials or do

I have wanted to train for an entry level supervisor position such as shift leader or team
leader or even under-go management training. In a business such as the cookout or cheddars it is easier to progress through the ladder. In this case its somewhat the next step I should take. You can go for this goal while undergoing your bachelor's degree or by working hard in the business you are in. Graduate school is a great opportunity after leaving your university. With these
credentials applying and obtaining an assistant manager, or department manager position is
within reach. More knowledge and training after moving up into these positions is still too come, there is still yet higher you can climb. Such as district manager, general manager, and CEO
positions such as senior executive.

I am in the process of finishing out my associate degree, even still I have knowledge of the
kitchen area, boh and foh. I can apply from inside the team, and be trained without having to
move or leave until after I have completed training. I am more dominant in the boh so I wish to really make a marker in this area. I had applied and was selected for management training in the

cookout it was decided that I become a trainer and traveler. Practice makes perfect, and I don't believe you should rush success. I took a step back to take a look at my more problematic areas. After my bachelor's I plan on pursuing and securing a higher position of management.
I dream of becoming a great sues chef and owing a restaurant or two ... That's not so Far
away, it can be accomplished. Looking at short term goals, I have a nice list. Things can change quickly so i'm trying to keep afloat of them. I'm having my first child in a fow months my first girl, I would like to teach her everything I learn. As me and my fiance will be new parents I find it essential to try and get ahead of what we can. Obtaining our degrees are of most importance, and for me obtaining proper credentials along with any skills I can in my area of expertise is just as beneficial to me right now as obtaining both or three degrees. I plan on working while in
school. I'm looking into hotel kitchens or resorts like Gaylord or near Nashville Shores. I know that I can apply for scholarships and grants in companies like these and it would help me along my way. The knowledge of using new technology and skills I cannot learn in a book is what I
really look for in my experiences.

After I acquire my associates I should be in the position to move into the fifth or sixth phase of my career ladder for restaurant manager or lodging food and beverage. Taking a pause in my
career I will start my degree for culinary arts, and obtain my associate in this field as it is much needed. I graduate in September of next year, so I will apply for fall term in the same college. I hope to move next year closer to campus and to a more suitable location for my career path. A
place with a heartier enterprise and commuting. I need to at the least be making 40,000 dollars or more a year. The need for my associate in culinary is so I may become a chef in any
establishment and work while securing my bachelor. Working with a broader team or learning
how to delegate and manage a numerous amount of staff, is hands on training and not something one can be prepared for so easily. Budgeting, constant hard work and studying arc the building blocks for my success.


Long term I should have that establishment with my own staff and team to oversee. I would invest in a starter business early on though something such as edibles and pastry making on the side, or a food cart/truck. You should try every aspect of your industry not I imiting yourself to one area, as that just places you in a box. Diversity is key in our industry, not just being diverse but being able to deal with diversity as well. Allowing myself to train and try everything has made me happy and knowledgeable, I have plenty far to go however. Le Cordon Bleu will take me further than I have come in my recent years. It is a path of success and hard work I plan on making it far, I was hoping my parents would see me graduate and begin college but they passed away but they are watching. I have not had the best path laid out in the past, however I always follow through with something, and I know where I can go and am going.


Exploring the Hospitality Industry- Ch.1 p.9 figures 1-1, 1-5 & 1-7

Week 1 of Internship Experience

Week 1 of Internship Experience

In the unit 1 seminar we talked about the unit 1 discussion and how we all are going to have fears and anxiety. The Professor talked about how this will be a unique experience for us and how it’s a scary class but it will be good for us. He talked about how they are taking away the right to tell us what to read, what to do, what to writ and etc. We talked about how you’re going to need to be a leader, deal with the organization whether it’s a manager or employee. There are special skills that are needed. You have to have a positive mind set to succeed in this course. we talked about how we need to make sure we know how to work the organization. We are in control of the position we are given by our leadership. We talked about how we are graded on the practical side. We are graded on what we are doing on the academic side. It’s a learning experience for us to figure out how to connect practice to theory. We talked about how it’s easy to do 40 hours a week for our organization buts lose track of the academic side of the process. We have to learn what we want to learn and experience in this organization. We also talked about the different outcomes we are going to cover. We need to figure out how what we have learned so far affects us in the real world. We need to do field research if it’s not our position but have questions. We need to talk to leadership, management or etc. if we have questions. For our own privacy how do the organization manage our W-9 forums and etc. What do they do with those forums?  We need to understand what the difference is between a process and a business. A process is related to a system and procedure is related to a policy. At the end of the course we have to identify one business process and one business procedure. Explain each one, fix anything that needs to fixed. Its experimental learning because in the real world no one tells you how to fix something within your business, they not show how to do anything. You learn as you go on and grow from what you are doing. Everyone is going to have different learning experiences based upon their job title. You want to observe and experience things within the organization and be able to write about them. You need to evaluate how your organization is employing ethics.

Goods and Services Marketing

Goods and Services Marketing

According to Lamb (2014), “the success of any business or consumer product depends in part on the target market’s ability to distinguish one product from another.  Branding is the main tool marketers use to distinguish their products from those of the competition” (p. 170).  Even with a strong product, marketing is always the key.  It takes a keen eye for business and a firm understanding of brand strategy in order to make even the most marketable product a hit.   The Walking Dead recent television episode future an old-time favorite; crush (orange) soda a consumer product that is manufactured by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.
            As mention by Lamb (2014), “products can be classified as either business (industrial) or consumer products, depending on the buyer’s intentions.  A consumer product is bought to satisfy an individual’s personal wants” (p. 165).  The soda, with its many names such as; soda pop, cold drink, pop, is another popular beverage that some people choose to drink.  The Crush Orange soda is a consumer product that needs no thought to purchase and can be easily found.  Consumer products can be further broken down into specific categories, such as convenience, shopping, specialty and unsought.  Lamb stated (2014), “convenience product is a relatively inexpensive item that merits little shopping effort, that is; a consumer is unwilling to shop extensively for such an item” (p. 166).  Therefore, the product can be seen as a convenience product, which is a consumer product that takes brief thought, is routine, purchased often, appeals to a large target market and the consumer purchases with little planning. 
In general, attitudes toward product placement are favorable across media types.  To create brand placements that are positively evaluated, they should be placed within programs, movies, games, radio program, newspaper or magazines that are involving for the audience (Lamb, 2014, p. 281).  The placement of the product in the television program had a clear connection to the plot of the story, which increased the brand equity of the product.  As stated by Russell (2002), “plot connection is the degree to which the brand is woven into the plot of the story; whereas, lower plot placements do not contribute much to the story, and higher plot placements comprise a major thematic element (Russell, 2002, p. 305).  Essentially, verbally mentioned brand names that contribute to the narrative structure of the plot need to be highly connected to the plot.  Besides, prominent brand placements in television have a more significant advantage than subtle brand placements (Russell, 2002, p. 305.)


Lamb, C.W. (2014). MKTG 7 Ed. Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.
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Shows: The Role of Modality and Plot connection Congruence on Board Memory and Attitude: Journal of Consumer Research, 29, 306-318.

Letter for Medical Excuse to Airline

Sample Letter from Health Care Provider Supporting Need for Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation of a Disability 

(This letter can be used if the employee has exhausted her 4 months of pregnancy or childbirth-related disability leave, but still needs additional leave due to a disability.)

Your Health Care Provider’s Letterhead


To whom it may concern:

I am the [treating physician, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, licensed midwife, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, licensed marriage or family therapist, licensed acupuncturist, physician assistant, chiropractor, social worker, or health care professional] for [Your Name]. 

[Your name] has [optional: describe condition; note you are not required to reveal a specific diagnosis,] a medical condition that limits [Your name]’s major life activities, including [fill in relevant “major life activities,” such as: concentrating, thinking, interacting with others, communicating, performing manual tasks, walking, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, reading, seeing, hearing, sleeping, eating, and caring for oneself, or the operation of a major bodily function. “Working” should be listed only if no other activity applies].

As a result of [Name]’s disability, [she/he] is temporarily unable to work.  [She/he] needs a leave of absence for treatment and recovery.  This leave [began on [date]/is scheduled to begin on [date].

I anticipate that [Name] will be able to return to work on [Your health care provider must provide a return-to-work date, even if it must be changed later – an “indefinite” leave of absence without a return-to-work date may not be considered a reasonable accommodation].

Thank you.


A Story about Leadership Presence

A Story about Leadership Presence

I was a freshly minted second lieutenant out of my basic course and jump school and assigned to my first command as a airborne cavalry platoon leader.  My unit had just returned from Vietnam and my platoon sergeant, Ron Sneed, was taking me through the motor pool to take a look at all the vehicles I was to sign for.  Sergeant Sneed handed me an Army Memorandum book.  This is a small bound with green cloth cover and numerous empty lined pages.  It’s small enough to fit into a pocket.  I asked Sergeant Sneed what it was for? His reply, Sir, this is your book to annotate everything about every man in this platoon; their names, rank, next promotion opportunity, their wife’s name, children’s names and anything particular to that family.  Sir, you put everything you can possibly know about every man in this platoon to refer to and commit to memory.  Sir, your men won’t follow you until they know you care.” Sergeant Sneed later was the Command Sergeant Major of a Calvary Regiment in Desert Storm, and a leader of men. You can learn a lot about leadership from people like Sergeant Sneed.
Creighton Abrams, recognized as a great leader of combat troops, taught his NCO’s to keep a Memorandum book with the names and military information as well as personal information on each individual soldier they were responsible for.  Additionally, he expected every leader to keep the family information for each of the soldiers they were responsible for to include the health of each family member.  His rationale was that a troop can never leave his personal life at home no matter how he tries.  If he has a sick wife or child that will affect his contributions to the operation.  If the leader is aware of the situation and makes efforts to help the soldier with it, the Army has a better soldier knowing someone is there for him and makes a greater contribution to the operation.  If you know your customer has family issues and can convey your understanding of his or her situation, even if you don’t do anything for them, they understand your concern and you understand their actions in the decisions they make.  This has repeatedly proven to result in greater customer relations and smoother customer operations.
This also works well with both your senior as well as your subordinates.  Think of others before you think of yourself.  Help to make them as successful as you possibly can and you will reap the rewards of their support in your endeavors.
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