Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why should Realtors concentrate on FSBO's for listings?

Why should Realtors concentrate on FSBO's for listings?

Sellers have paid commissions since the 1800's.  Therefore it's not a new thing.   So why should a FSBO hire you?  Well, sellers will only be willing to give up so much of their personal time with no return before they give up or decide to use the services of a professional.  You need to be there when they are ready to make that decision.

Here are few reasons why FSBOs should hire you.

1. You are trained Negotiator.  You do this everyday, you find common ground between buyers and seller to make the deal happen.

2. You are not Emotionally involved.  The sellers pride in the home can get in the way of many sales.

3. You can Qualify serious buyers.  How many times do people show up that cant afford the house?  To many !
4. You will sell it Faster than they can.  You have much better market exposure.

5. They don't know what to Disclose  Which could bring about liability issues.  Did you know that 50% of all law suits come from a Real Estate Transaction??

6. They only pay if you are Successful.  There are no risk the them for using your service, they only pay when you successfully sell.


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