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Hospitality Industry Report

Hospitality Matters

Hospitality as a whole:
The hospitality industry is primarily focused on customer satisfaction. It is built on leisure or is luxury-based, as opposed to meeting basic needs. Hotels and resorts, cruise lines, airlines and other various forms of travel, tourism, special event planning, and restaurants all generally fall under the realm of the hospitality industry.
There are four major elements to the hospitality industry they are Accommodations, Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism and Economics.
·       The food and beverage is one of the highest reigns of the hospitality field. It can range from high end restaurants, fast food, catering and so on. The food and beverage element can play an important part of other hospitality elements like if the restaurant is in a hotel it can enhance the overall guest experience by providing great food and awesome customer service.           
·       Accommodations would be hotels, motels, resorts, bed & breakfast, campgrounds, lodges and more.  The business is focused on providing lodging that is comfortable, efficiency and attentive customer service as a foundation. When this element provides great customer service, and supply’s the simple amenities the guest will come back and give great references to their friends and family.
·       Travel and Tourism includes airlines, trains, cruise ships and all the employees for each. The flight attendants and cruise staff functions as food servers, and hoteliers to provide food and or drinks with a comfortable experience. . Business travelers and vacationers alike form the basis for this area of hospitality. Travel and tourism requires knowledgeable employees in information technology, and they are also considered a part of hospitality. Destinations such as amusement parks draw thousands of people, all of whom want to benefit from great customer service while enjoying a memorable adventure.
·       Economics are very important, the hospitality field is dependent on a strong economy. The hospitality business will thrive when people are able to go out to eat or enjoy traveling. Conversely, when economic times are challenging, businesses may decide to bolster the basics of the business. For example, food and beverage businesses might offer special activities, such as a fundraiser, or meal discounts on certain days of the week. Hotel owners, might branch out and provide conference or special event facilities, or transportation options such as specials on limousine services. (Reynolds, 2012)
There are many levels of service in the hospitality industry. For example in a restaurant setting you go from the bottom up such as buss person, dishwasher, hostess, waitress, cashier, cook, chef, foh manager, boh manager and restaurant manager. Every position plays a key role in customer service, each one provides customer service at a different level. 
Customer service in the hospitality field, goes by the “moments of truth”. Some examples of the moments in truth would be:
·       Guest calling to make reservation
·       Guest is welcomed
·       Guest seated at table
·       Server takes order
·       Server brings beverages and or food.
Working as a team usually can be a pleasurable experience, sometimes not. In the hospitality field, you must work as a team. Have good communication skills, and leadership skills.  Everyone works with others, to a greater or lesser extent. Teams are great for large or difficult projects, that one person would find difficult to handle. Teams must communicate, and work together equally for the business to succeed. For example, front desk staff, should keep housekeeping updated on vacancy, and managers should make sure everyone knows of any events happening, and or changes.
I know that I did not work well with a team on this project I’ll be first to admit it. Not that I didn’t want to but when you’re not actually in a situation at work with someone it’s hard to work as a team. I don’t have patience when I’m on a tight schedule. I need to work on that, however I’m not much on doing assignments at the last minute. Sometimes is out of my control. When working as a team like in this class, you and your partner need to be on the same page and able to work at the same pace. But when the two people work long crazy hours and not available to work together at same time, things don’t run smoothly. I need to work on my patience, and my ability to control my time better.


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