Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hotel Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

The hotel industry is such a wonderful job to have.  I have learned that customer service is such an important part of being in this industry.  The different elements of customer service are great.  Learning the different aspects from being an owner to working as a concierge is very different but both are fulfilling.  Being an owner would be nice but very challenging due to one has to make sure that they have set the right foundation for their property and have selected the right individuals to run them.
Once the owner has establish the management staff then the next step is to hire the best qualified candidate to run the hotel and make it a success.  That would be from the General Manager to the Engineer.  While working in the Hotel industry one need to make sure everything in in order from rooms being clean to guest being checked in.  Within the hotel customer service is very vital.  One should always be polite, understanding of guest, always be patient and listen before speaking. 
Now through this course I have learned about different avenues one can also take in the hospitality industry from working in the hotel, restaurant or at a resort as well as a casino.  I have found all these industry to be appealing in my eyes since I am a people person and would love to continue giving the best customer service I am capable of.
Being in the restaurant industry one must make sure to have the kitchen prep and food in order for the entire guest to enjoy.  Keeping the areas clean especially the restrooms.  I for one eat at an establishment based upon how the restroom looks.  With that being said it takes a team to keep things in perspective.  Restaurants to me have a harder time staying in business due to all the health codes they must follow.  Once that food violation hits it is hard for some companies to stay afloat and that is when a lot of them go out of business cause one bad word and it spreads like wild flowers and people .will steer away and venture off somewhere else.

Now in the casino business one has a lot of responsibility from the card dealer to security to cashier.  The casino business looks as if it would be stressful.  Honestly I have spoken with individuals, who love the job.  They are train to make sure guest are not cheating ,the casino by counting cards and then card dealers has to make sure they do certain hand gestures to make sure that they are not stealing as well as cashiers they too must count the money a certain way in front of the cameras.  Being a manager at a casino one must train and also go through the classes to learn all the ins and outs of the business.

Event Planner has a big responsibility in the hospitality industry which I personally enjoy doing.  Being an event planner you are pretty much working alone but you are planning for different functions to me that is great because you get to multi task in different setting ex., birthdays, anniversary, charity functions, etc., you must be ready for anything when it comes to planning events.  You are responsible for food, entertainment, the venue, tables, chairs, setting up for guest and also giving great customer service.
g in the Hospitality industry is a joy because you get to learned how each industry is ran.  I have been working in the Hotel industry for 10 years but I truly never knew how many positions where really out there to venture into.  Being in the industry you really must enjoy helping people feel like they are at home when they are traveling, when guest come to the restaurant always make them feel like they are the only ones there give your best customer service one has.  I have always, been told your first impression will always be the last.  You met and greet with a smile on, face in person and over the phone and the guest/customer will feel that warmth and return to whatever establishment you are working at.
Excellent Customer Service is the Key to any successful business.

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