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Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Report


Restaurants are a vital part of our everyday lifestyle; because we are a society on the go, we patronize them several times a week to socialize, as well as to eat and drink (John R. Walker p.220) Furthermore in today’s society it has become more hard for people to get out and about because of the economy and that also makes things a little difficult for the hospitality industry.  Nevertheless going out to restaurants and spending time with your family eating and having fun is something that everyone does at some point in time.   Moreover Ruby Tuesday is a great restaurant to dine in and enjoy your meal; we have chosen this restaurant because it is a casual dining restaurant that provides a great variety of entrées that are affordable and meals that are very good.  Since 1972, Ruby Tuesday set the highest standards in culinary excellence and restaurant innovations, Ruby Tuesday has positioned themselves as a leader in restaurant technology and for that has been recognized for their commitment to and the effectiveness of on-going training, and achieved the highest level of operational expertise (
Ruby Tuesday is a great restaurant that I personally enjoy dinning in  with my family, just being able to choose from many different items on them  menu is wonderful; mostly being able to try new things each time that I go there with my family.  Ruby Tuesday is driven by uncompromising freshness and quality and gracious hospitality. This exceptional dining experience is delivered in our classic contemporary and stylish restaurants destined to be the envy of the casual dining business (  Every restaurant in the industry is different in their own way and every restaurant has their own goals that would like to reach and of the many different things that goes on within the company itself every business has its ups and its downs.  Ruby Tuesday appears to have a an up or I would say a pro of serving great food and providing great customer service amongst a mean of wonderful staff that goes out of the way in making your dining experience a great one.  Nevertheless the cons of the business would be that there is more than one restaurant out there in the industry that serves great food some of which are located in the same area and may bring much competition,  No one restaurant will be perfect and each and every restaurant will try to go out of their way in making your experience a great one and then there are those restaurants that have an I don’t care attitude, needless to say everyone will encounter that at some point in their dining out experience.  After much research Ruby Tuesday’s goal is to ensure that their restaurant is a fun place to work as well as a fun place to learn and grow and maintain a great atmosphere for every customer that enters into the business.  Making sure that their restaurant is one of the top restaurants in the business is something that they work very hard on in making sure that everything that is being done and running smoothly.
 Following this a little further, being aware of your competition and what they offer is important to maintaining a competitive edge.  Ensure you know what they are offering as well as the quality of their produce and the price structure of their menu. Focus on your own style, and don't be tempted to try to compete outside your area of expertise.  Every outlet is different, and a style that works well for one may not suit another. Think about what will work best for you and stick to it. Your style may be casual or more formal or there could be a subtle theme to your outlet — ethnic, vegetarian or traditionally English, for example. The surroundings and atmosphere are all part of the offering, and it's vital to ensure they match the quality of food products you have on offer ( 
On the other hand knowing that things are not going so well in the hospitality because of the economy is not looking up, people are doing less spending and trying to save their money for more important things, the bigger question is knowing how to deal with it and knowing what to do.  In this industry reaching out to people and the community will allow for people to come in the doors by having different events and promotions that will be fun.  Having experience these types of promotions before it feels great because that also bring good word of mouth and it lets the people know that you care and have concern about your community although on the other side deep down you’re trying to bring people in the business it goes hand in hand.
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