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DuPont Outsourcing Strategy

DuPont Outsourcing Strategy

The Fortune 1000 company that will be considered is DuPont. "DuPont is a science company dedicated to solving challenging global problems while creating measurable and meaningful value for its customers, employees, and shareholders. Dupont’s portfolio of products, materials, and services meets the ever-changing market needs of various industries in more than 90 countries. The organization unites around a set of core values—safety and health, environmental stewardship, highest ethical behavior and esteem for people.” (Dupont, 2017, para 1) It is important to reflect how outsourcing initiatives have impacted the operations of companies such as DuPont. One-way organizations make strategic moves is by outsourcing. “Outsourcing is obtaining work previously done by employees inside the companies from sources outside the company.” (Pearce, J. & Robinson, R., 2013, p. 294) The organization can then focus on other strategies that would meet organizational goals. For Dupont in 2005, they outsourced their human resource function to Convergys. They are hopeful to realize a twenty percent productivity improvement, which should increase in time. (DuPont, 2005) More productivity improvement can translate to organization growth.

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