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Events: Management, Planning and Tools

Events Management, Planning and Tools

            Event planning has been around for years, the hospitality industry now has a new career market outside of tourism, hotel and restaurant management.  Event management, which is the leadership role in event planning, helps build structure in the event planning process.  When planning events one must be organized and have the ability to set and meet goals.  Just as in the hotel and restaurant business, it is important to have leadership. 
            One element of the event manager’s job description is completing an event order or contracts for the clients and/or associations, in which they will be offering their services.  In the event order or contracts are specific details such as:  the associations or client’s personal information along with the type of event.  Other thing that may be included in these documents are the expectations of the company providing their services, the ability to align subcontracts for clients needs, also possible food and beverage stipulations.
            Event orders are needed to help the management and team determine the tasks that will be at hand.   At this point management can move into the project management phase.  He/she can begin to identify resources and activities needed; decide on completion sequences; schedule project completion, and assign tasks and budgetary responsibilities.  Once tasks have been assigned and implementation begins, management can proceed by checking in with associates.  Encouraging and motivating the associates is a big part of the management responsibility.  Management should check in and keep open lines of communication with the associates. 
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Throughout the planning process management should be checking in with the client or association and evaluating efficiency and productivity. 
            Within the event planning process there are tools needed to effectively manage the process.   Technology is very important and necessary in event planning.  Software may be needed for financial planning and budgeting, cell phones are needed for communication to local and non-local vendors.  The internet is important in locating certain resources needed for events and organizational databases for planning efficiency.
            If one was interest in a career in event management, there are several different avenues to reach the leadership position.  Some of the avenues within event management are marketing; sales; catering, and entertainment.  There are several skills required of someone professionally planning events.  Some of the skills include leadership and communication skills; delegating, multi-tasking, and negotiating skills.
            Some positions require degrees higher up the hierarchy ladder, and some positions can be acquired through promotion beginning at entry level positions.  For example, starting at an entry level position as a server, cook, houseman, or some aspect of the food and beverage industry is a great start.  Working in entry level positions for two years or more, can lead to leadership positions within the current position.   Degrees are not required for entry level positions but for one to become a supervisor of their type of service and Associates in Hospitality Management is relevant. 
            From supervisor, with possible sales experience, there could be a management position in sight.  Obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Communications, Marketing, and Sales and/or in the
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Food and Beverage industry will be preparation for a management position in event planning and management. 
            The dynamics to look for in a team of associates would include, detail oriented and self sufficient.  Although the associates will be managed, the associates must be able to work effectively and efficiently, with the ability to critically think and access opportunities or challenges that she/he makes come upon.  Secondly event planning always needs associates with extensive sales experience, with strong interpersonal communication skills, confidence, and negotiating skills.  In many companies and organizations, budgeting will always be a big factor.  The client will need associates that can negotiate and compromise, in order to close the deal.   Another great set of qualities that would be needed on the team is creative and outgoing associates.  These are two great qualities for a designer, someone that can turn a vision on paper, into life, succeeding the client’s expectations.
            In conclusion, the event orders aid the management and team,  in a way of organization and ensure they know and  meet the expectations of the clients.

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