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HOA Manager Job Description

HOA Manager Job Description

Prepare budgets on an annual basis for each Association. Analyze the budget analysis
worksheet prepared by your Management Company, which is based on a seven-month
period, as budgets are typically prepared in August of each year.

Determine the amount to be allocated to the reserve accounts for capital expenditures
and deferred maintenance. If reserves are waived for the first two years, then disclose
reserves, which requires careful estimation of actual costs of replacement.

Prepare builder budget for vacant lots. Make certain that Management Company
communicates with the closing Departments to ensure reliable receipt of homeowner

Ensure contract files for Associations are current and on file.   Maintain files for
certificates of insurance and make sure certificates name Lennar and association as
additional insured. Keep a schedule of expiration dates for all certificates.

Responsible for signing checks and making certain that attached bills are for appropriate
entity and are correct. Re4sponsible for ensuring that bills are processed and paid in a
timely manner so that the Association does not incur late charges and/or interruption of

Review the monthly financial report prepared and provided by the Management
Company.  Identify and evaluate variances in year to date budget figures versus year to
date actual expenses.  Responsible for analyzing budgetary and usage data to determine
meaningful trends and/or problems.
Implement collection procedures and ensure that collection procedures are being
complied with, ensuring that homeowners are being turned over to collection agents
within specified time, as procedure requires. Review agings on a monthly basis and
carefully oversee demand letters to avoid homes being liened improperly. Carefully
review agings to ensure that uncollected amounts are noted with action taken.

Determine bid specifications and proposals for service. As Manger, you will make final
decision on proposals provided to you by Management Company. Make certain that all
contracts have cancellation clauses and vendors maintain insurance per the requirements.

Confer with your contractors on a routine basis to ensure that commencement of work,
completion of work and regularly scheduled work is on schedule.

Maintain professional, courteous manner at all times when dealing with Homeowners.
Always be on time for meetings, well prepared on issues, return calls promptly, be
patient, and never pass the buck, but always assist the Homeowner.   When the issue
needs to be referred to another associate, make certain that all relevant information is
provided to the associate who will be handling the matter.
Perform weekly community inspections, specifically looking at landscaping, lighting,
roads and sidewalks, and any other items which may have been brought to your attention.

Check all association invoices, make sure they are accurate and make sure that the work
has been completed properly.

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