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HR Technology and Leadership

                                                     HR Technology and Leadership

Technology used in human resource management has made incredible advancements in which it is still changing the face of human resourcing. Before any technology is purchased and implemented it is important for the company to do their research. They need to figure out why the technology is needed and whether it will improve the management of their resources. The change should not be made for making change although it should be for the better of managing human resources. The company has to do the appropriate inquiries to find the right technology that will work for their business. A biometric hand scanner system is a machine that scans the employee’s hand to clock them in or out for their shift at work. The reader verifies the employee’s identity in less than a second by taking a 3-D reading of the size and shape of the employee’s hand (Agnvall, 2007). This technology is cost efficient and will save money for the company.
Benefits to this form of technology would be the ease of use. Employees won’t have to keep a magnetic cards with them, and it reduces the ability for one employee to clock another in or out. This scanner you won’t be able to forget anything as your hand is attached to you. Without the use of time cards, it eliminates business costs due to lost cards and buddy punching, while allowing for seamless transfer of information into payroll software as your hand is unique to you and nobody else.
The types of businesses to which this technology would ideally apply to would be security or law firms where privacy and sensitive information is stored. Also businesses with a large amounts of employees clocking in and out at the same time. With this technology, the time stamp would be immediate to the payroll, allowing the most accurate information. Allowing less time on payroll, the human resource management and department would have more time to establish trainings and concentrate more on the business.
When looking at both Tim’s Coffee Shoppe and the biometric scanner, I feel that it would be a great investment. Up front there may be more cost than a conventional time card, though over time it would pay for itself. When payroll is due, the manager would be able to review and approve it all from the same screen. Once approved, they could be on the floor assisting with customers and business. This would keep employment to a minimum while maximizing employee profitability. It would also cut supply cost as it would be computer based and all information would on a program in the computer. When evaluations are due and or a possible promotion is at hand, the owner or manager can look at the performance of the individual by looking at their profile that the scanner creates for the individual.
When implementing this new technology into his coffee shop, the best form of leadership would be that of the Transformational Leader. These leaders are admired by their employees. They coach and mentor their employees therefore influencing their employee’s behavior. While making and instilling a sense of friendship or trust, this type of leadership still stays true to values and sets clear guidelines for both behavior and expectations, which mirror the overall goals of the company.


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