Monday, May 22, 2017

I Can & I Will...

The mind is a powerful tool

Our minds help us develop our strengths and/or our weaknesses.  If we constantly focus on the positive outcome of all our dealings we can develop a more powerful mind geared towards our strengths.

Use this tool to help you develop Self confidence, Motivation and Will.  If you set your mind to the "I Can" or the "I Will" part of the brain you will always be able to see the positives of every outcome.

"I Can" send out 100, 200,300 emails and "I Will" receive at least 1 positive response.  "I Can" pick up the phone and call 20 people because "I Will" get at least 1 person that will have a conversation with me.   "I Can" show 5-10 homes, because "I Will" get one person to put in an offer.

If you dwell on the negative outcomes you develop your weaknesses and you FAIL 

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