Monday, May 22, 2017


TGIF to Realtors...

TGIF !!!  This acronym has a whole different meaning when it's said by a Realtor.   On Friday's is when we should be starting our busy time of the week.  Most of our consumers are available on the weekends. 

Today is when you make sure you have appointments for this weekend.   If you don't, I recommend you go on to your platforms and go into your advance searches now.

1st start out by searching for leads that have phone numbers, call & or text all these leads and let them know your availability for this weekend and coming week.   2nd - Do an advance search of any leads that have saved a home this whole week and ask them to set up a time with you to go see these homes.   3rd - Also do an advance search for any leads that have logged on this week.  Sign in as a consumer to see if they have Recently viewed a home and again ask them for the appointment.


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