Thursday, May 9, 2019

BPM-based integration of supply chain process modeling

BPM-based integration of supply chain process modeling, executing and monitoring

This article references how many business environments are implementing supply chain management (SCM) to take advantage of better information technologies. Since supply chain process needs interaction with information sharing systems there have been efforts to introduce more automation in the Business Process Management (BPM) process. It talks about using research to develop integrated architecture to support the model. The plan is to use BPM in the implementation of the Supply Chain Process (SCP) since BPM is widely known as an effective tool to manage and execute business processes. Currently all this is in the planning stages for many businesses. When you skip down to the 4.2 Implementation of decision agent using web services this is the part that gets more into the details of planning part. It provides some simple steps to follow regarding employing web services. However, it didn’t really provide good framework steps on how to do planning.
While this article provided very interesting points on being able to see the changes planned for the SCM process through the use of BPM it was not really something that I think would be very relative for my paper. The article was filled with references taken from previous research so it was difficult to follow. What was helpful was the many charts and graphs that they included. This enabled me to better understand what their changes were. After reading through the bulk of the article I didn’t really find a lot of information worth keeping. However, as indicated I don’t think this is something that I will be using in my completed paper.  

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