Saturday, May 4, 2019

Decision Making Based On Management Information System and Decision Support System

Ada, Ş., & Ghaffarzadeh, M. (2015). Decision Making Based On Management Information System and Decision Support System. European Researcher93(4), 260-269. doi:10.13187/er.2015.93.260. 
Ada and Ghaffarzadeh (2015) explore the importance of management information system (MIS) in managing business processes. In particular most business decisions are made based on the data available in the MIS. This helps in ensuring that all business decisions and processes are effectively backup up with sufficient data. The use of MIS has helped organizational managers to effectively manage the organizational functions leading to operational efficiency. 
Accordingly, all human activities in the organization rely on decision making – decision making is the fundamental pillar in an organization. MIS allows managers to instantly access information needed for them to perform their managerial tasks and establish control of the businesses processes, coordinate business activities, and carefully identify areas that need improvement. 
This is a perfect resource that is recent and updated with the importance of MIS in business. The researchers also go out of their way to establish the connection between MIS and various business process. It can be resourceful in understanding the nature of business processes and organizational management.

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