Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Small Business Owners

Walker, Elizabeth; Redmond, Janice; Webster, Beverley; Megan Le Clus. (2007). Small Business Owners: Too Busy to Train? Bradford: Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development.

This journal demonstrated the values of training and talked about how some small business owners have moved away from training because they fail to see the value in it. It was helpful as it talked about training and the HR management and how developing competitive advantage starts with gaining that edge through that of valuable assets that start with the right employee training programs and giving those employees new competencies through the development of knowledge and expertise.
This article was almost too true, and I have to admit that I too have fallen into the “too busy to engage in training” area. This journal examines whether training is of little value and a waste of time. The journal went through the value of training for a small business. I feel as if I have gotten into the routine of not training and only hiring those with cleaning experience. I do a working interview and go from there, so this journal was an interesting read.

I find it it to be imperative in order for a business to be efficient, to have established and maintained processes, procedures and standards specially through that of a manual. Manuals are the best way to effectively communication and inform staff, where information is controlled. Manuals create consistency and consistency is the key to creating a successful and credible business. This seems to then line out the rest of your established and maintained procedures.
I believe it is important to have BPM in an organization because it adds value in the ways of higher productivity which leads to increased venues and operational excellence, reduce expenditures, higher agility, an improved managerial control, more transparency and above all improved customer service.

One of the main areas that I believe BPM makes the most difference is in Government and Regulatory Compliance. Which areas do you believe that BPM make the most difference in your organization? Do you think that you will be using this article? It sounds like it would be a great journal article with a lot of useful sources.

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