Thursday, May 9, 2019

Strategy perspectives

Leadership and management strategic decision-making are two different supervision tactics, although they go hand in hand, they also have their differences. Leadership strategic decision-making is when leaders use long term goals and leads people along the way. Management strategic decision-making is based on what the organization is wanting the manager to accomplish in the end.
You can find leader everywhere you go in life. Leaders not only look at the goals of an organization, they also look at making sure that they inspire those around them, they have integrity and have great communication skills. Leaders want to work as a team and care about the well-being of those they lead. When leader have all those qualities and more, they often empower employees to do their best. (Kumle & Kelly, 2018)
According to our book (Thompson 2016), Management is described as strategic decision making. Managers work on a need to know bases and are critical when it comes to failures. In the management roll, they have a no empathy style, and they will sacrifice anyone on their own behalf and trust no one. They manage with power and control instead of getting input from the whole team.
When making decisions, we need to be mindful when it comes to how we do and say things. We need to use both management and leadership style decision making, when using both, we need to be making clear decisions based on the organization without making the employees feeling like power and control were used.
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