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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Saudi Telecom Company and Lean Manufacturing

Value adding activities for Saudi Telecom Company includes provision of good customer services and products at minimal cost. The company, through its customer service management, ensures that all relevant information regarding mobile services, messaging services, call services and internet services is availed to customers at minimal cost to avoid unnecessary customer interaction. The company provides daily updates to their customer regarding new products and services including promotions and rewards. This is done with great accuracy to minimize risks at first time that would lead to unnecessary cost. Other hand, Saudi Telecom has encountered significant impact for its inconsiderate market expansion especially in the foreign market. The company, in 2014, encountered a loss after investing into the South African market with poor marketing and customer relationship management strategy.

The use of the term "Lean", in a business or manufacturing environment, describes a philosophy that incorporates a collection of tools and techniques into the business processes to optimize time, human resources, assets, and productivity, while improving the quality level of products and services to their customers. Becoming "Lean" is a commitment to a process and a tremendous the learning experience should you attempt to implement Lean principles and practices in the organization.
The companies that work in good manufacturing practices (GMP) environment require procedures lots of standard documentation has to be prepared, many inspections, testing, audits and controls need to be performed. These are in conflict with just in time (JIT) as they delay the work and the delivery of the product on time. The lean manufacturing can reduce the impact of the barriers that affect the industries, which are linked to the application of GMP requirements that consume a lot of time and this from documentation, standard operation procedures (SOP), deviations and other written procedures (Khlat, M., Harb, A. H., & Kassem, A., 2014). 
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