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Florida Convention Sales and Services

Convention Sales and Services

            There are two experiences in Florida; the kind that locals see and love, but also the beaches and tourist attractions. Southern Hospitality is a big thing in Central Florida, just as the entire south. However, isn’t as common in the larger populated areas that many of the attractions are located unless a venue or hotel is family owned and operated. Those core values that many guests look for thrive in private businesses. Having that said, the best way to look at two very different; but essential properties that would be direct competition for a family owned and operated venue in Central Florida would be  the most popular Family owned resort in Daytona Beach, Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort and Moss Gate Bed & Breakfast located in the small town of Umatilla, FL.  Both of these properties are thriving with business because of the things they believe in and the small-town principles they accomplish every year.
            Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort prides itself by having the nickname “Daytona Beach’s Family Resort.”  In Daytona Beach alone, there are over 12,000 guest rooms. (, 2014) Perry’s only occupies 213 of those rooms and has earned its name because they are known for having a large percentage of return customers year after year. Not only are they just minutes from the Daytona Beach Ocean Center for conventions and/or concerts, they really aim to please all ages of a family. Perry’s has a list of activities everyday for Children throughout the summer. For adults, there are many different activities to do at the resort as well. This doesn’t even include all of the attractions in and around Daytona Beach. For instance, The Daytona Beach Pier, and their newest water park, Daytona Lagoon. Also, there are lots of dining and shopping nearby, plus the Daytona International Speedway that provides the men in the family with simulations, tours and the Richard Petty Driving Experience, and of course, fishing excursions. All of this just in Daytona is a huge threat to any competitor in Central Florida that may not reside near the beaches. Perry’s is a great location to spend time with the family, and it is affordable, ranging anywhere from $59.00 to just under $120.00 per night. (Perry’s, 2014)
As for Moss Gate Bed & Breakfast in the quaint Umatilla, Florida, it’s like night and day comparing it to Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort.  Umatilla, “Nature’s Hometown,” (, 2014) is known for its serene atmosphere and most famously, the Gateway to the Ocala National Forest, which is the home of multiple natural springs, nature hikes, fishing and hunting.  Umatilla is surrounded by lakes and small bodies of water. “The superlatives to describe Moss Gate Bed & Breakfast are nearly as endless as the acres of this former plantation house and sprawling orange grove.” (, 2007) Also, Moss Gate happens to sit right on Lake Umatilla, which provides a beautiful scenic view and opportunities for lake activities during a guest’s stay.  The owner of Moss Gate actually lives on the property and maintains it herself, as well as hosts Weddings and other events in her beautiful on-site chapel and rustic barn. There is a large space near the lake that can be used for Tents and Moss Gate holds 3 suites and a two-bedroom cottage. During a guest’s stay, homemade meals are served and make from scratch.  Moss Gate is most known for being a location for tea parties, luncheons and small, elegant events during the day. In the winter months, many hunters that travel to the area will stay at Moss Gate as well. The events that are held at Moss Gate are amazing, and always set to a higher standard than any other venue in the county.  Moss Gate’s rates are typically varying, but average between $85.00 and $125.00 per night.
Either property is direct competition for a small venue in central Florida. Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort has all the attractions and is family oriented. It still thrives on family owned principles, but actually in 2001, the Perry family sold the property to GDA Investments, who then sold it to Pacifica Host in 2012. (Perry’s, 2014) Regardless, both companies took the time and effort to continue the tradition and core values still today. Moss Gate Bed & Breakfast in Umatilla is so serene and beautiful. The owner really shows pride in her property and everything about it. The standards are set high with everything event that occurs at Moss Gate. Any potential small venue is aware of the competition from both of these properties and the bar is set high.

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