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Sunday, August 28, 2016



Greeting: {SMILE}

Mr. And Mrs. _____
Hi there, my name is Sasha Quincy. Welcome to Vacation Village. What is your first name sir… and yours maam? Where are you all from? NY, oh that’s great… I’m from NY myself… Brooklyn to be exact… what part are you from? Etc… So what brings you here? … oh that’s great… so what hotel are you staying at? The Ramada… on Main Street? Oh, ok… Well, just to let you know… we are not affiliated with the Ramada in anyway.. we actually use these vacation packages a marketing tool to attract vacationers like yourselves… however… if there are any concerns with the Ramada, we have onsite hotel representatives to assist you in any way possible… no problems… great…

Map Presentation:

Just to let you know what we will be doing… we’ll be taking a ride in my car… down the block to show you the park and facilities, then I’ll show you a vacation ownership room, than I’ll go through the nuts and bolts of this whole program with you… then we’ll get
Your vouchers and send you back on vacation… how does that sound? Great… let’s go…


To tell you a bit about myself, I grew up in NYC… and chose the career of a cosmetologist. I was very successful… but found myself working 60 hours or more per week… To make a long story short… I got married… and to no surprise, my husband didn’t appreciate the amount of hours that I was working, nor did he like NYC. He’s from Colombia South America… the half waypoint between NYC and Colombia is Florida… and since we met in Florida, and I have always been fond of South Florida through using my vacation ownership a lot down here in the past… we decided to relocate here. I then got out of the salon and went to work as a food sales representative for Sysco food services… obviously staying within the food industry… I soon found myself working a good 70 hour work week again… my husband was not happy with this either… and neither was I… so I decided to get into the hot market of real estate… I went to school and got my license… a couple of months later; I ran into a friend that I met in the real estate class… he told me about this vacation ownership sales position here in vacation village, so I decided to apply for the job, as I already knew a lot about vacation ownership from being an owner myself. My husband is so happy now… I can be home by 2 or 3 o’clock everyday… I lead a healthy life… I get to spend a lot of time with my husband and kids now… and I love what I do… it’s like living a vacation lifestyle… I wish everyone could enjoy life like this…

Why Vacations are so important to me?

I have always found that vacations are an important part of a relationship… it reestablishes dwindled romance… my husband and I are committed to having at least 2 weeks a year together… I mean… there are 52 weeks in a year… don’t you think that you deserve at least one or two? People forget about their health… take Europeans for example… they take a couple of months off per year… the government finds it essential to the health…. When my husband and I are on vacation… it’s like we are on a honeymoon again… every year…. We have a honeymoon week… and an anniversary week… if we didn’t we would loose appreciation for celebrating those important milestones in our relationship…. We take the kids on a vacation the other week.

This past year, I gave my sister a week to stay down here in Florida with her husband and kids… it was great… she would have never been able to do it in a hotel… with the vacation ownership… it cost her virtually nothing in comparison to a hotel stay… and the rooms were much bigger, efficient, and cleaner than any hotel that she could have stayed at for a reasonable rate…. Her kids loved the pools…. And she was able to relax about it too… these areas are safe in these resorts… in a regular hotel setting… she would have had to worry about the people around the vicinity… no security… ya know… safety and security is certainly a tremendous advantage to vacation ownership!!!

When I became a vacation owner:

Ya know, when I became a vacation owner, I was on spring break with my buddy… we bought a vacation package to go on a cruise… this was about seven years ago now… I remember it like yesterday… when we got here… NYC was having a blizzard… we just escaped… here… it was sunny and beautiful… and we were ready to have a good time…. So, we partied hard that first night… we went to bed really early in the morning… the day after… and we had to be at a vacation ownership presentation at 9:00… my girlfriend gets up and drags me out of bed… we were running late… and I had such a headache!!! Talk about a hangover… I just wanted to sleep… but… Dana was persistent… we needed to get our vouchers to go the cruise… so, we got to the vacation property in Ft. Lauderdale… and we go on the tour… the guy that was doing the presentation was a nice guy… but I really didn’t want to be there… and I was so annoyed… but, We went along with it anyway… We wound up being very impressed… Dana and I…. The facilities were incredible… the property was so well kept in comparison to any hotel I had ever been in… the presentation really wound up being a great experience… When we sat down with Barry… the vacation representative… and he showed us how the program worked… and how we would hold deeds to the property… we were excited… after doing the math. Dana and I figured out that we could virtually pay off the financing with about 6 more of the package trips that we could take… and we had about 3 more years of school left… so, we went in half on the program… we actually wound up making money on the deal… each semester break… we planned a trip… invited at least 10 people.. and charged them 300 each for the accommodations… It was a great investment… a few years later… I wound up buying Dana out of her portion of the time share… I used it to go on my honeymoon with my husband… Dana just wound up buying another one anyway… It not only saved us money… but we were able to make money off of it as well…


This is how it’s done folks. You have to write out your story as if you’re speaking to your prospect. It is recommended that you go on a couple of vacation ownership sales presentations to see how the presentation flows. Adopt what you like, discard what you don’t! Pick the presentation apart by disecting every word, sentence, and even the body language used by the Licensed Real Estate Agent. Good Luck!

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