Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tide Laundry Detergent Marketing Essay

Tide Laundry Detergent Marketing Essay

My evaluation of Tide’s overall marketing mix would be very intense. There are so many different products.  In my opinion, all the Tide products are very consistent with each other, from the Tide free to the Tide scents, to Tide with bleach to the Tide without bleach, liquid or power, your choice. In my opinion they all are the same quality.  I think that Tide does an excellent job serving its customers. I think that Tide targets mothers mostly to get the children’s clothes clean and bright. Tide also targets people who have the need for getting stains out or from preventing stains by using the Tide to go pen.

I think that Tide has covered all of the segments from families to industrial use and availability. Tide comes in an array of sizes from a pen to an extra large family box. To add to Tide’s product line would be a challenge because they have so many now. But I would like to see one that smells like passion fruit.

The packaging to me is bright and colorful, so it catches the consumer’s eye, and it is unmistakable. I would not change the packaging at all. I believe that Tide is well priced. It is still inline with their competition, yet it is reasonability priced. I would pay more if the price would rise up because I totally believe and trust in Tide.

They have so many outlets from convenience stores to major retailers, which makes Tide is easy access to anyone who needs to wash laundry. Now what I think would really be a good move on Tide’s part would be an outlet store. I am not sure that I would change the commercials because they are straight and to the point of what to expect out of the product.
Things that I have learned about Tide in this assignment make me trust Tide even more than before. Tide stands behind its products. I know that no matter what scent or type of Tide that I chose to use I will get the best results. I am a loyal Tide customer. I also found out that Tide has partner brands which are Downy, Bounce, Febreze, Dryel, Dreft and Ivory Snow. The Tide web site has a lot of useful information on it; from different fabric care to helping you chose which Tide meets your needs the best.

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