Saturday, June 1, 2019

Primex Plastics Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Oakwood, Ga.
Due to recent activities that have rendered some without a position within the company anymore. We are sending this release out to review policies and procedures, so every employee knows, understands, and complies with them. Effectively immediately, any and all employees will be issued new I.D. cards and, in the back, will be the emergency contact number as usual but also a (800) number that is strictly confidential and only for our headquarters at ICC Industries in New York.
Policy reminder
This is a reminder that current, “No Tobacco” and “campus-free” slogans are nothing new, they have been implemented for over two years now. Having said this, this is a “zero-tolerance” policy and the procedure for a disregard will be termination, effective immediately. Also, tardiness has become a growing concern at all locations and as such the four-strike rule has been changed to three strikes. First offense is a verbal warning with points added to your file, second is a three-day no pay suspension, and third is termination. This is for a “no call, no show”, if prior authorization to be late is either approved or known by your supervisor or management, and HR is relayed the message, a note will be made for your file. Lastly, another growing concern is laziness and tiredness on the job, this has always been a “go home” policy, that has changed, also effective immediately. Starting today December 10, 2018, anyone found acting lazy or asleep while on the clock will be sent home without pay for up to five days, depending on severity and review by management. Any second offense is automatic termination.
Understand these policies and please, you have questions or concerns you may speak with your HD director and/or call the emergency number and follow the automated system. If you have prior condition that may fall into question with being overly tired or you have prior and legitimate reasoning for being tardy, you must bring this to HR attention immediately.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation and remember Primex is a family business, if you have any thoughts or concerns let us know.

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