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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Database Technologies

Grand American Adventure is an American firm that specializes in group holiday by offering unrivaled experience that brings the best adventure to its customers (Grand American Adventure, 2019). The firm’s booking and travel facilities depend on its database system, and its tour operators depend on the extensive database for holiday planning. It is through the database system that Grand American Adventure Company manages its financial and payment activities. The company uses Oracle big data technologies to pursue its business strategies like tracking the internet clicks for consumer trends. But the firm’s insights originate from its desire to blend new data with existing data. It is no doubt that both the firm and consumers will benefit from the database management system.
            Companies with big data are likely to understand the changing market conditions by analyzing collected data (Gorman, 2015). This might help a company produce products that meet the current trends in the market. On the other hand, consumers will have value for their money, quality goods that meet their needs. It is worth noting that one of the key disadvantages of big data is data quality. As a result, the firm might suffer from slow reporting, and if the data quality is not addressed, the insights generated thereafter may be deemed worthless.
            MySQL is another database management system that might be used in place of Oracle database management system. One major benefit of using this technology is that it allows an individual to choose from a variety of storage options that allows an individual to change functionality that meets their needs (Gorman, 2015). As a business manager, I would use database management systems to create make growth opportunities a reality. I would use data collected to compare other products and services in the market with aim of meeting consumer preferences.

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