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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Database technology at Saudi Aramco

With respect to the goals and expected outcomes from any DG programs and In order to increase the value of data and consider it as asset, policy and standard need to be established by the organizations .Organizations shall establish procedures of usage, development and management of data to create the right organizational structure. Therefore, organizations themselves considered to important discipline to assure its own right. DG has many goals, for instance; Assure that the data satisfy the business need and the Data are protected and managed as values asset. One more goal is to lower the cost of managing these data( Panian and Spremic2007).There are business drivers such as; Growing revenue, lower the cost and ensure compliances. These drivers are considered to be the common motivators for the DG and the common goals for any business (Panian, 2010).  do you agree with such ? 
Z. Panian, (2010). Some Practical Experiences in Data Governance. Zagreb, Croatia: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. Retrieved January 26, 2019, from
Z. Panian and M. Spremic, (2007) Corporate Governance and Information Systems Audit, (in Croatian), Zagreb, Croatia: Zgombic & partneri, pp. 321-334

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