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Restaurant Business Plan

Business Plan


ATLANTA, GA. 30033
678 345-5555   
678 345-8700

I.             Table of Contents

I.        Table of Contents. 2
II.      Executive Summary. 3
III.     General Company Description. 4
IV.      SWOT Analysis 6
V.      Marketing Analysis. 8
VI.    Organizational Chart 9
VII.    Product and Services. 12
          References. 24

II.          Executive Summary

Here at GA Peche’ Southern Cuisine would like to incorporate a bar into our establishment. This will help us be more competitive with our competitors in the area who already serve alcoholic beverages. Our niche already is serving Fine Southern Dining with International Flare” and the same will apply with our choice of wines, beers and spirits. Taking this journey will allow our establishment to flourish and stay up to date with the culinary industry. Though we did not embark in the selling of alcoholic beverages in the beginning we know this can only bring success to our establishment in the future. We would like to cater to a more mature and sophisticated crowd with a casual ambience. Individuals who are 35 and older will be sought after. The bar will be run by the sole proprietor of the restaurant, Chef Lucelyn Ja’Mette Fennell.  .

III.       General Company Description

The purpose of opening up a bar in GA Peche’ Southern Cuisine is to provide a setting for people aged 35 and up to meet and socialize in a casual mature environment. All of the establishments cater to a younger age group and there is a need for an establishment of this caliber is need in the community (Yanos, 2008).
 GA Peche’ Southern Cuisine and Bar is a hospitality establishment that is committed to providing the best in fine southern cuisine with international flare for customer’s that enjoy fusion cuisine and enjoy and appreciate a mixture of popular  wines, beers, and spirits that will complement their food or just enjoy solo. We believe we will add to the restaurants revenue by incorporation a bar. By increasing revenue, we will generate enough money to cover our investor’s returns and continue to keep our restaurant financially stable and prosperous ( Customers will experience top of the line customer service in a casual, mature environment.  We will cater to an older and more mature market. Our employees will experience working for a company that strives to provide quality products and that creates a creative work environment, which respects team members, diversity and professional growth ( It is important as a business owner to make sure your customers stay satisfied as well as the employees. By doing this will secure our customers and keep turnover down within the establishment.
The culinary/hospitality industry is growth industry. The restaurant industry is growing in Atlanta, GA and with the coming of two new stadiums and The College Football Hall of fame the demand is going to be greater within the next five years. The culinary/hospitality is the most rapidly growing field in the U.S   (Statistics, 2012). By the time these big projects come to the area I foresee the addition of the bar already up and running efficiently to be able to compete with other establishments in the area.
Luceyn Ja’Mette Fennell, a Le Cordon Bleu, Atlanta educated Chef and recipient of the 2010 Levy Legend Award from Levy Restaurants, takes a client-centered approach to he culinary/hospitality career (Johnson, 2014). Lucelyn is a passionate about her work as a culinary professional and is just as knowledgeable in Wine and Beverage Management. She is very confident in her skills and artistry as a culinary professional and loves to train and teach her subordinates. Lucelyn has a vision for excellence and has been dedicated to the foodservice and beverage industry for 20 plus years.     

IV.        SWOT Analysis

Strengths – GA Peche’ Southern Cuisine and Bar will carry a customized wine, beer, and spirit list. We have quality food to compliment the beverages. We are already one of the top restaurants in the area and project to stay in the position in the future. We have a professional management team and employees with great customer service skills. The Sommelier and bartenders, and servers will be knowledgeable of all products and exude a consultant sales approach as we already exemplify in our establishment. Customers will come in contact with knowledgeable individuals who have their best interest at mind (Johnson, 2014). Our purveyors have a good repore with our establishment. Our company has paid previous investors back in a timely manor and have a good repore with them as well.
Weaknesses- Our Company does not have a Sommelier or Bartender, so we have to hire one and get them familiarize with how we run our establishment. Management knowledge of wine and beverage management is strong, but not as knowledgeable as a Sommelier would be with wine paring and knowledge of varietals and origins. With people not always applicable to change, turnover may be a problem. Financial backing is needed to get the bar of the ground so investors are needed (Johnson, 2014).
Opportunity- We already have wine, beer, and spirits in the establishment for incorporating in recipes so we would just have to up the supply. We will advertize the addition of the bar to the restaurant, and run drink specials on cocktails and drinks so the customers can get use to what our inventory consist of as we offer competitive prices that compete with the prices of other local hospitality establishments in the area.
Threats- The threats we foresee as far as success is concerned is the economy. There is a need for an establishment of this caliber in the community but will they be able to afford what I am offering. If revenue does not come in as expected, the ability to pay new employees competitive salaries may be jeopardized causing turnover in the workplace. This could be a spiral effect throughout the whole establishment. Lastly, the ability to pay investors back in a timely manner may be at risk and have a negative impact with the relationship we have with investors as well as purveyor. With the bar being a new addition to the restaurant, the purveyors will most likely is C.O.D., so this will limit debt on their part (Johnson, 2014).
After analyzing all of the above I have come to the reality that my strengths and opportunities over weigh my weaknesses and threats. Therefore I believe the addition of the bar will be a great investment and addition to the restaurant. Lucelyn is the sole proprietor over the restaurant and will remain so with the addition of the bar. Lucelyn already has a repore with potential investors, purveyors, and people in the community. Her integrity and professionalism speaks for itself.

V.           Marketing Analysis

We will be operating the bar out of our Midtown, Atlanta location where our restaurant is previously running. Our clientele will stay grown and sexy casual, attracting age group 35 and older. Our competition caters to a younger crowd and a more mature venue is in demand. Midtown is booming in revenue and a great area to have a business because other areas of Atlanta are higher in crime. Our top competitors are South City Kitchen Midtown, Empire State South, and Mary Mac’s (, 2014). They are also establishments in the area that cater Southern Cuisine. There is room for growth because GA Peche’ Southern Cuisine and Bar exemplifies “Fine Southern Cuisine with International Flare" with a beverage list to match. The fusion we include in our menu planning and recipe writing sets our establishment set apart from the rest and this will be our niche to stay competitive. In my research it has been hard to find the prices applied in the market, but further research and analysis will be continued in the future.

VI. Organizational Chart

Your Name Here
Upper Management Team
Executive Sous Chef                      
 Front of the House Manager
Sous Chef                                        
Head Waiter                              
 Front of the House Supervisor
Line Cook                                        
Prep Cook                                    
Stewart/Dish Washers

Duties: Culinary

Owner /Chef- Oversee the daily food preparation at the establishment were food is served. They menu plan, recipe write, and direct the kitchen staff and handle any food related concerns. They reign as the head of the company (Statistics, 2012).
Executive Sous Chef- Next in charge to the Owner/Chef. The job description is the same. The Sous Chef will direct all concerns to the Executive Sous Chef before involving Owner/Chef.
Sous Chef- Entry level Chef who reports directly to the Executive Sous Chef. The Sous Chef works closely and directs the line cooks and prep cooks. He manages the floor in the kitchen during production and makes sure sanitation and decontamination standards are adhered to at all times,
Line Cooks- Cook, prepare, season, and cook a wide range of foods. This includes soups, salads, entrees, and desserts (Statistics, 2012).
Prep Cook- Food preparation workers are directed by the cooks, chefs, and other managers. They perform many routine take as needed in the kitchen such as gathering mise en place and prepping it for the cooks and Chefs (Statistics, 2012).
Stewart/ Dish Washer- Make sure dishes are clean and in place in the kitchen and restaurant area of the establishment before, during, and after service. They make sure the work environment in the kitchen as a whole is clean, neat and meet sanitation standards.
Duties: Front of the House
Front of the House Manager- Responsible for the daily operations of the restaurant and gives direction to the staff so that customers are pleased with their dining experience and the establishment remains profitable (Statistics, 2012).
Front of the House Supervisor- Train and leads waiter/waitress staff, and the host/hostess. The supervisor reports directly to the Front of the House Manager.
Waiters/ Waitresses- Waiter and waitresses take orders and serve food and beverage to customers in the establishment (Statistics, 2012).
Hosts/Hostesses- Greets the customer at the door and assist waiters/waitresses.
Duties: Wine and Beverage
Sommelier- Wine expert that is part of the upper management team, and he/she is the only one in charge of the wine cellar. They work closely with the Owner/Chef and the rest of upper management with composing wine and beverage lists as well as menu pairing.
Bartender- The only person allowed handling beverages and managing the inventory behind the bar.  Must have a clear knowledge of beers, spirits, and cocktails. Must have the ability to sell and up sell.
Buser- Make sure glassware’s plates, and cutlery in the bar area of the restaurant are clean and in place before, during, and after service. To keep the work area in the restaurant and bar area clean, neat, and meet sanitation standards.

VII. Products and Services

Customers will be able to indulge in a wide variety of carefully selected wines, beers, and spirits to enjoy their leisure time. Cocktails, spirits on the rocks, or straight up will be available for our customer’s enjoyment. We are a fusion restaurant and bar so customers will be able to enjoy wines from some of the finest vineyards in the world. The wine list will be as follows:

Wine List

2002 Beringer Vineyards White Zinfandel (Napa Valley. California)
Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva Tan Label 2010 (Sangiovses, Cabernet Sauvignon Melot: Tuscany, Italy)                  
2011 Chateau Lagrezette Malbec Purple The Original (Malbec: Cohors, France)
Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc 2010 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah: Napa Valley, California)                  
Cannonball Merlot 2012 (Merlot: Napa Valley, California)
2012 Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc: Adelaide Hills, Australia)                             
2012 Stoney Hill Napa Valley Gewürztraminer (Gewurztraminer: Napa Valley)
2012 Grosset Riesling wine Riesling Alea Clare Valley (Riesling: Clare Valley Australia)                                               
2010 Beringer “Private Reserve” Napa Valley Chardonnay (Chardonnay:  Napa Valley California)                                
Domaine de Blanch Chablis Montee De Tommerre (Chardonnay: Burgandy France)                           
*** Champagne and Prosecco available upon request 24 hours prior to event.
       The spirit list will be as follows:
       Grey Goose
       E & J
       Paul Mason
       Remy  Martin
       Jack Daniels
       Jack Daniels Honey
       Crown Royal
        Crown Royal Reserve
       J & B
       Johnny Walker Red
       Johnny Walker Black
       Bacardi Light
       Bacardi Dark
       Captain Morgan
       Captain Morgan Spice Rum
        1800 Gold
       1800 Silver
       Jose Quervo
       Bud Light
       Miller Genuine Draft
       Corona Light
       Red Stripe
       Customers will be able to enjoy a full cocktail list. Our prices will vary depending if the liquor is a well, call, or top shelf/ premium but prices will remain competitive. Our Sommelier, bartenders, and waiters/waitresses are well trained and all cocktails are available for the customer’s desire.


Targeted Characteristics:
·       35 and up
·       Male and Female
·       Atlanta, GA
·       All income levels that can afford our services.
·       Educated


There are restaurants in the Midtown Atlanta Area. The main competitors I have are:
Southern City Kitchen Midtown
144 Crescents Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Empire State South
999 Peachtree St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Mary Mac’s Tea Room
224 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
Southern City Kitchen Midtown will compete with as far as the food because in comparison we all incorporate classical French cuisine in our menu. The difference here, we incorporate Mexican and Caribbean in our fusion. They both have competitive prices but the ambience is more upscale and romantic. GA Peche’ will be a mature atmosphere but more casual. Mary Mac’s Tea room is more established. It has been around for decades and it caters to all age and known for being kid friendly. My indirect competitor will be Wholefoods Super Market. The have food and wine of an organic nature and consumers can shop with them.


GA Peche’ will get the word out through our client, media, and website. We will be sending flyers out in the community to let them now what is coming new to the area. We will get the word out through our current clients simply by word of mouth. Other restaurants in the neighborhood welcome expansion in the community so I feel they will support and get the word out as well, because they will be invited to the soft opening of the bar. We at GA Peche’ also sponsor events in the community which we can use to get the word out. We will use the community news paper, Creative Loafing Classified, and the Atlanta Journal and Constitution to advertise. We chose written media because it is cost conducive to us at this time. Television or billboards are not in our budget at this time. We will post in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution daily. We will post in the community newspaper and the Creative Loafing Classifieds once a month being that they are monthly publications. We would like to maintain the  reputation we have as been a customer friendly, grown and sophisticated establishment where patrons can come and receive some what is known as “ Good Southern Hospitality”. The bar will have neon signage of some of the beverages we carry. We will also use the logo which will soon to be the signature cocktail here at GA Peche’ which will be the GA Peche’ Twist. I will not be contacting my repeat customers, but internally my staff will acknowledge them and make them aware of our future endeavor.
Purchasing Stategy:
We will be purchasing from a wholesaler with the most competitive prices and that want to build solid business relationships. We have adequate storage room for the inventory we plan to carry with adequate storage temperatures. The wine will be kept in the wine cellar.
Internal Strategies
GA Pace’ is a state of the art restaurant. The bar will be the same. We will be renovating a portion of our dining are and turning it into a bar. We will have to invest in 2 draft stations and two wells at each end of the bar. Hand washing station, sink, refrigerator, and ice machine also will be installed. Lastly a small wine cellar will be built.
Our upper management must have full knowledge of their position, so formal degrees (Associates are Bachelors) are required for employment. Bartenders must have a Bartending Certificate, Alcohol License, and Serv Safe Certification. Experience is a plus. The waiters/waitresses must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
External Strategies
The economic climate is good in Atlanta, GA because so much growth has come to the city and it is continuing to grow. The hospitality industry is growing and employment in the field is at full demand (Mantell, 2014). Though wages are low in the industry it is growing vastly and we will compete with our competitors by offering competitive wages to our employees (Mantell, 2014). Happy workers keep happy customers. We do not feel it will cause us a threat. The changes in technology should only better us and make or company more success. We will be using technology as far as our website to get our information out to the public and as social media advances we will advance as well.
The presence of competition is high, but our niche will set us apart from the rest. The restaurant industry is visionary and as long as we hire knowledgeable employees who are serious about there customer service and passionate about what they do we will be successful and failure is not an option here at GA Peche’.
We are small businesses, so having the lowest price would not be a good policy. We will have average prices and compete on quality and service. Our pricing strategy fit with what was revealed in your competitive analysis. Our top two competitors have competitive prices. We are in the same range. Mary Macs Tea Room prices are a little lower, but the demographic is different here. This is a more family oriented and kid friendly restaurant where as here at GA Peche’ will have a more middle aged, night life type of crowd. Price is an important competitive factor, but customer service and the experience are more important. If people remember the customer service and experience as memorable, money is not a factor if they feel like they are getting what they pay for and that is what the we here at GA Peche’ strive for.
What will be your customer service and credit policies?
Proposed Location
GA Peche’ Southern Cuisine and Bar is located at 1234 Happening Parkway NE. Atlanta, GA 30309.Our location is convenient. We have ample parking and we can seat up to 300 people at a time. We are located right in a growing and vibrant location convenient to public transit and shopping. The area and location is consistent with our image and we did a survey amongst our regular customers and we are confident that this is what our customers want and expect. Some had been inquiring why we didn’t have bar service at our establishment and know we are going to make this happen for our customers as well as those to come. Though we have competition within blocks of us, we believe it is better to have the competition close. We as a company can keep a closer looking on how we are standing as far as competing. Knowing what the competition is doing is more feasible as well. It is a must that we stay in the loop.
Distribution Channels
Our products will be retailed from the dining area and the bar.

Sales Forecast

Because there is no annual report and nothing to adjust sales by I forecast having sales of $2000-$3000 a day Sunday- Thursday and Fridays and Saturdays $3000-$5000 at the minimum. Our business hours will be Sunday thru Thursday 4pm until 10pm. Fridays and Saturdays we will be open 4pm until 12pm.
Legal Environment
In Georgia you must obtain a Business License, which will run you about $75. The tax rate is 60 cents per 1000 in estimated income. We will also have to acquire a Liquor License which will be $3200, Beer Permit, Use and Occupancy Permit (Johnson, 2014). During and after construction we must be in compliance with OSHA regulations. Georgia has labor laws that must be posted in the establishment for all employees to see so they know their rights and the states minimum wage. Georgia is an "AT WILL" state so employment can be seized at anytime. Georgia has no specific rules concerning breaks frequency and duration and this is left up to the discretion of the employee.


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