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Monday, November 25, 2019

Apple's Business Strategy and Climate Change

Apple Inc. has made great strides in helping reduce their impact on global climate change. According to (2019), “each device is measured by its impact on our carbon footprint and how environmentally friendly – and safe – its materials are (para. 3). At Apple, each year we issue a public environmental responsibility report to show our progress toward environmental sustainability.
Apple’s environmental plan, according to’s (2019) environmental responsibility report, us and a significant number of our suppliers’ power comes from 100% renewable energy sources. We are sourcing our products with renewable and recycled materials and expect to move to fully using recycled materials for all of our products. We are decreasing the energy use of the products we sell and are focused on continually reducing our carbon footprint. We are attempting to transition into a zero-waste company. We are composting, reusing, and recycling. Research is being conducted on how to reduce and eliminate what is unable to be recycled or composted.
Research is being conducted on better sourcing of chemicals. We strive to understand how the chemicals we use affect the environment and people. We have a Regulated Substances Specification that encompasses every chemical that is used by Apple and our suppliers. Through this we place restrictions on the use of certain substances. We are constantly looking to innovate our products to reduce harmful materials.
According to Worland and Alter (2019), the current Republican presidential administration strongly disbelieves in the effect of global climate change; however, the Democrats have debated and scientist of strong evidence to support that climate change is happening and humans are contributing to it. Worland and Alter (2019) also state that “more than 70% of Americans now understand that climate change is taking place” (para. 5). Regardless of what the legislation dictates, most of society understands that climate change is necessary and company’s that exhibit good stewardship toward the environment will have a more favorable public perception. Here at Apple, we will continue to improve our environmental stewardship and reduce our effect on global climate change.
Climate change legislation will undoubtedly change the products consumers have access to purchasing. With stricter laws on climate change, it is drastically changing our culture. It will make consumers and businesses alike more conscious of how we are affecting the planet, but the current laws do not place a strong emphasis on climate change, but many companies are taking the proactive approach as you stated. With the inevitable increase of the strictness of climate change legislation, companies that are taking the proactive approach and going above what current legislation dictates are going to more profitable in the future. 
It is fascinating to me that Apple is not only focused on reducing their impact on climate change, but are so aware that they understand how to make their clothes regionally to accommodate that athlete's competing in that region. That truly is understanding your customer's needs from a business standpoint. It really helps maintain their brand and competitive advantage. If the GDP does fall, the preparation Apple is doing now will help the company through the economic downturn. 

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