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Friday, November 1, 2019

Effects of business internships on job marketability

Research published by Gault & Duey in 2010 detail ten specific skills that prepare intern students for their careers.  Using an internship to assess these skills better prepare those entering the job market in their chosen career field.  Their research also defines criteria that companies hosting interns can use for measuring success in each of the ten defined areas.  The conclusion of Gault & Duey’s findings is that properly structured internships prepare students for success in the business world and provide employer’s with new employees that are ready to meet the real-world challenges that they will face.  Experiential learning connects the theory learned in the classroom to what students will face in their careers.

Gault, J., Leach, E., & Duey, M. (2010). Effects of business internships on job marketability: The employers' perspective. Education & Training, 52(1), 76-88. doi:

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