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Monday, November 18, 2019

Aligning the Vision and Mission Statements of a Company

Aligning the mission and vision of an organization with the individual employees or departmental goals is a difficult task that the first-line managers face in their day to day activities. This is mainly due failure to seek opinions from all the parties involved in the organization. Just like the executive management, the employees in different departments play a big role in the organization, and therefore, when crafting a vision or mission, their contribution is necessary (Ayers, 2015). My brother and I helped out my father in his store as managers during holidays. So one time my brother and I had decided with all the staff that we should increase the variety of dishes offered and slightly reduce the prices. My father on the other hand, had decided that the hotel should improve the quality of the dishes and increase the prices of meals without involving any of us. This led to a great collision between the owner of the store who is my father and the rest of us.
​Every business that wants to succeed must have tools in place which make the management of the 3 Ps simple and more efficient. The three Ps represent the people, profit and planet, the people includes all the individuals that involved in the business both directly and indirectly, and profit means the financial gain, specifically the difference between the total revenue and total expenditure and the planet how the business is environmentally responsible to the society (Burritt, 2012). 
​To ensure the mission of the organization is in line with the mission, the management must take the three Ps into account. This is because by putting the people, profits and the planet into consideration while crafting the mission and vision statement, all the departments in the firm will be aware of the objectives of the business and will align their activities in a way that seeks to achieve these objectives (Ayers, 2015).
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Burritt, R. L. (2012). Environmental performance accountability: Planet, people, profits. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 25(2), 370-405. 

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