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Friday, November 15, 2019

Reflections of my personal life

I am satisfied with educations that I received because I always want to accomplish and feel good about myself. I always knew since I graduated from high school that I wants to complete college and received a degree. I never thought that I became a chef and works in different place to gain my skills. My family and friends support me all the way to receive my educations. Also, I want to prove myself that I almost completed with Master of Art degree and that means I can do it! I just want to complete master’s degree, so I can promote myself with the manager position to show that I can do it. It’s hard for deaf people to get a chance so here I am.
I was thinking about continue the education after completes my Master of Art degree since I am a chef and wants to keep motivate myself with culinary art skills. It will be nice to receive more certificated like nutrition or managerial then I can try go for American federation culinary. I just had a conversation with my husband about showing up to workshop related to culinary art, so I can keep motivate myself to learn new things to gain my skills. I always enjoy learns with cooking because it is my passion and I love to cook. If I receive a license which that will be a beneficial for myself because I noticed that I have my ServSafe certificate and I immediate got hired which that put me to feel confident. That’s how I make few decisions that I should keep motivate myself after complete Master of Art degree.
My first job is a food preparer at Steak n’ Shake and I never thought that I will continue to work in restaurant industry until I worked at Carriage Way Bed n’ Breakfast in St. Augustine, Florida and I worked as housekeeper for six years. I learned a lot from my boss, Larry because he is a chef and cooked breakfast meals for the guests. He inspired me that I can be a chef and own the business while enjoying the life with travel and getaway vacation. That’s what I want for myself. That’s how I realize that I want to work my own hours and decided to step out to took culinary art degree. My family love my cooking and I love to share with them. My plans is getting more experience in what I am doing now to gain the skills then I can be my own boss with the experiences and skills that I have. I believe in myself and I have the supportive from my family and friends that who are believing in me. If I want to make it happen then I must work hard to become effective on what I decide to do.

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