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Friday, November 29, 2019

Employees First

Professionally, a good example of when my employer’s mission didn’t align with the goals, ways when they didn’t live up their expectations by putting their “Employees First”. This was a couple of years ago, so yes I have seen major improvement.  They have contracts with certain insurance companies, some contracts state we are to take a certain number of claims each day and even be available on holidays when they are closed.

Some organization leaders expect their workers to put their lives on hold, placing the organization first on all occasions (Lawon, 2016, p. 74). This is true because there was a situation when an insurance company was so swamped with calls where we had to help take their overflow claims and deal with their angry customers, when insurance reps failed to return calls.  Some even closed early, some adjusters weren’t following up with their employees where it was very frustrating for the employees. Employees were threatening to quit, some even quit.

I feel that the company failed in their mission to put their employees first, because we were swamped with calls, there wasn’t much help, and they weren’t communicating or even training employees to help. I would have suggested splitting up the tasks between teams and adjust the mission.  To overcome uncertainty among workers and managers about engagement, educate them (Lawson, 2016, p. 75). They have updated the mission where employees are given more satisfaction and come first!

Lawon, K. (2016). New Employee Orientation Training. Retrieved from

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