Sunday, April 14, 2019

Information strategy is critical

Information strategy is critical in the process of evaluating information institutions as each institution currently uses strategic management as an effective tool to reach the desired goals. Strategic analysis represents an important stage in the strategic management stages, in order to highlight internal strengths and weaknesses through assessing the internal environment, And threats through assessment of the external environment, and through the dual analysis of the environment is the advantages of the institution under study in that it has the strength to help them to seize opportunities, but from another point of facing some problems because of And d external threats corresponding to weaknesses within the internal performance of the organization.

Information systems strategies are the strategies that show the ways in which organizations need the information they need. They use the information systems strategy to develop systems and identify the most important technological developments that organizations need to support the information system.
Allow me to elaborate more on The challenges of aligning IT strategy and business objectives,  the challenges include finding strategic technologies, resistance to change, lack of commitment, especially by the senior management and it, is expensive and tedious. In addition, setting performance goals and evaluating them is a significant challenge when doing IT-business alignment.
In some companies in the Middle East, IT is not seen as a strategic element of the company's growth, while others see it as a foundation for the organization's business (such as Ebay, Amazon, E-Trade, etc.) It is the key link between them and their customers. 

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