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Wine Training memo

Hearthstone Café and Bakery


All Employees


General Manager



August 21, 2014


Wine  Training

Attention all employees,
We feel it is very important for all of our valued employees to know the method behind the madness if you will. Wine is a very important commodity in our business and we must be sure all of our employees know the important details to the wine we carry and how to pair them properly for our customers’ enjoyment.  A great example of the history of  American wine is: The 1976 Judgment of Paris
This lesson teaches us that American made wines are equal to the French made wines and the techniques used in the process of making the wines yields great results. When the American wines were put up to the taste test in France, American Wines won the highest honors in the blind taste testing.
The common types of grapes used for American wine are:

Blanc Du Bois
Cabernet Diane
Cabernet Sauvignon
Canada Muscat
Chenin Blanc
Pinot noir

            There is a website available that has a full list of grapes used in American wine making here is            website 
The reason for American wine victory over France is not just the grapes but the soil in which the grapes grow in. Grapes need just the right amount of sun, soil, and water to grow properly. When the grapes are picked also affects the taste of the wine.
America wineries needed to enter the competition if they were ever going to be taken seriously as wine makers with the proper skills required to grow and make wine that coinsures would consider to be exceptional.  If America had not entered the contest it would have taken them longer to be recognized by critics for their skills.      

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